Tongue in Cheek



There’s an angular disturbance in your cheek

in a certain orientation

of my mind-

blowing (nothing trivial word-discounting)

Of a gear-shifting magnitude

A tenable image of God in you

While you in your Frankenstein suit

Faith-heal starbursts of chemicals


Leaping soups of subjectivity

Unending trajectory of asymptotic insanity

As if  I could never see you, my love,

But for the angular disturbance in your cheek.

(movie image: Peter Cushing as Victor Frankenstein)

Updated for dVerse OLN with Mish hosting: 11/25/2021

28 thoughts on “Tongue in Cheek

    1. fireblossom32

      Lordy. I would tell you how much I admire this poem except that I would have to pick my jaw up off the floor first. Your range is impressive. The last poem I read of yours was lofty and gorgeous. This one is layered, clever, and both foreboding and amusing. Frankenstein! And that one so-well-conceived anchor line, it’s ideal but subtle. That’s it I’m adding your blog to my side bar.

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  1. First, thanks for the introduction to the asymptotic–the concept of combining approaching zero with intersecting in infinity(forgive my math impairment–that’s a purely literary analysis 😉 ) But above and beyond that is where you’ve gone with it, straight inward into the zero-sum game of the other, where intimacy breeds both familiarity and alienation, appreciation and repulsion. Gorgeous writing, too. Thanks for the pleasure of reading it.

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    1. Joy,
      You thrill me with your close reading, THANK YOU, and one hundred percent agree all the elements you discern are there as you say so beautifully. Why, oh why, do relationships have to be this way? As it is, we only have tangential encounters but that’s something right? 😀


  2. Fantastic poem, Dora! I love that first line and how it ends the same way.

    There’s an angular disturbance in your cheek…”

    Great turns of phrase throughout the whole thing: “gear-shifting magnitude” and “Unending trajectory of asymptotic insanity” I particularly like 🙂

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