I’m A Year Old Today!


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Hello, my friends!
I just took a moment to check my blog comments and saw this delightful note. Has it really been a whole year of blogging today? The anniversary of the first post I published is tomorrow! Wow. (Pause. Take a deep breath. Smile!)
I’ve been AWOL for the last week and will be a little longer, but I pause in my labors to  thank you all for making this blog so much of a delight to write and to meet a wonderful community of folks that give me so much pleasure with your creativity and vision! May God bless you all!
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9 thoughts on “I’m A Year Old Today!

    1. If not for readers like you, Rose, I would feel more like I was talking to myself! How fortunate for me to have “met” you instead! That seems to have been a part of God’s mission through you to me … Much thanks as always for your visits and encouragement!


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