Exorcising the Zombie

Sometimes when you “express yourself,” you’re just exorcising the zombie you’ve become – or attempting to. It’s a rare moment of self-awareness when you want to break free of the accumulated dead cells of all that stifles life. Writing is one way for me, especially if it begins and ends with a deeper awareness not just of myself but also of my Maker and my God! The following verse was written in a burst of frustration as thoughts began intruding into my quiet time:


Exorcising the Zombie

It’s a craving, it’s a need:
All things rich and glittery
Lifestyles fair and fine
They call to say they’re waiting
For me to make them mine.

I can see them in the mirror
Or haunting my mind’s eye,
They weave their spell around me
Ravish and possess me
Before I even spend a dime!

Oh, who can ever rescue me
From this dreamy, glittery craze
Where words of reason and persuasion
Warning what’s already known
Are wasted puffs of air?

It’s greed pure and simple
For things I do not need
And even when I get them
To admire and display them
A zombie’s what I’ve become.

Zombies come in many sizes
But all are dead inside
Till God incarnate – Jesus – comes
And breathes His life within
To fill the empty spaces money never fills.

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