Tomorrow, I’ll Cast My Ballot

Tomorrow I’ll cast my ballot and pray
Knowing the God of the universe holds sway
Whatever men and women may do or say
And every choice seems bleak and gray.

But I must choose come what may
And look for the dawn of a brighter day
When anguish of nations will like dust pass away
No longer governed by those with feet of clay.

As I contemplate Election Day 2017 (correction 2016!), I am leaning towards the same conclusions as those arrived at by Andrew Klavan in his column yesterday on PJMedia; however you decide to vote, please do vote. It is the hard-won right of a free people in this country we love and whose unique and historic values we must continue to fight to preserve.

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow, I’ll Cast My Ballot

  1. You refer to it as election day 2017. 🙂 But, I know you probably meant 2016, instead. 🙂 Anyway, I share your concerns too as many do, especially Christians, that we all need to vote for the one that will preserve and protect our values and rights. God is in complete control, and that is what comforts me. As Christians I think there is no greater time or need than now to be in prayer for this country.

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