Sursum Corda

“God is good all the time”
Sursum Corda, brother, sister!
“All the time God is good”
Sursum Corda, hallelujah!
“I am my Beloved’s” from everlasting
Sursum Corda, little children!
“My Beloved is mine” to everlasting
Sursum Corda, Body of Christ!

The root that grows in driest soil
Frailest reed, bruised sinner humbled,
Rooted, grounded, Spirit-watered
In Christ’s love is ever thriving
Born of the Father’s faithfulness.

O Church that comes to celebrate
Sursum Corda, mother, father!
Lift up your hearts at the table of grace
Sursum Corda, old and young!
We have received Revelation’s answer
Sursum Corda, every nation, tribe!
Christ the victor over sin and death.

The seal was broken, the scroll was read
The Lamb that was slain was found worthy
Who sits upon the throne of heaven;
Led by Him our Enemy’s defeated,
Babylon, the great city, is overcome.

From this shore we have seen the victory
Sursum Corda, church of God!
Over the world, the flesh, the devil
Sursum Corda, faithful saints!
In your struggles, raise Christ’s banner
Sursum Corda, Jerusalem’s children!
Lift up your hearts now in celebration
Sursum Corda, we’re one in Christ!

“God is good all the time!” and the response, “All the time God is good!” is a traditional greeting between Nigerian Christians

Sursum corda, Latin, “lift up your hearts,” from David’s words in Psalm 25:1, comes down to us in the liturgy of the Christian Church —
Minister: “Lift up your hearts!”
Congregation: “We lift them up to the Lord!”

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