Humphrey Boggart

image copyright jennifer-pendergast5

“I know it’s you, Humphrey,” Ronnie said, poking the boggart’s disguise. “You can’t fool me.”

The boggart remained silent.

“What are you this time, an astrolabe or something?”

“Or something,” the boggart said. His shape melted into the usual.

Ronnie looked into his eyes. “I missed you. No one to play tricks on me.”

“No trick, kid. I’m rolling out.”

Ronnie’s eyes misted. “But why?”

“I’ve taught you what I needed to. To laugh at yourself.”

“Is that important?”

“Only if you want to live, not just survive. Here’s looking at you, kid,” Humphrey Boggart said.

Spinning, he was gone.

Having fun with a pun (sorry Bogey) is what started me on this story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. I haven’t done this in a while and had forgotten how much fun it can be. The challenge is to write a complete story revolving on the photo prompt and to not exceed 100 words. This week’s FF photo prompt image, © Jennifer Pendergast. Be sure and check out other stories by clicking here:

27 thoughts on “Humphrey Boggart

    1. Och aye, a right fouter, this bogey! I took liberties in making him more lovable than troublesome. And you can thank yourself for inspiring me to take up the FF challenge with your story 🙂

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  1. He (HB) and Lauren Bacall were favorites of mine. Love his, “Casablanca” movie, and others he made. I did a lot FF (Friday Fictioneers) stories years ago, about 35-40 of them when I stopped to do other writing projects and work on books. You can find my old Friday Fictioneers stories under my short fiction menu category.

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    1. “Casablanca” is unforgettable for so many reasons. That character of an “outlaw” that still embodies a code of honor ( like Shane) & does the right thing is universally understood. I’ll be on your site to check out your FF pieces. 🙂 Any favorites?

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    2. They were all fun to do. I contributed to it with a picture of some sculpture masks done by artists in our town of Loveland. You can find that one in with all the rest. I didn’t always put up the picture on my blog provided in the week’s FF link, as I didn’t want to clog up my own site with crazy ones, but did use that one as it was to credit and honor our town’s professional artists, world known. That same sculpture wall with the masks was later destroyed completely in our 2013 flood here in town.

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  2. I looked back on my FF stories. That one I told you about is entitled, “Memorial,” with the picture of the funny bronze face and pointed finger. The wall featured a lot of well known people and historians that contributed to our town. We loved that memorial wall and it was on our favorite walking/biking trail along the river which was wiped out by the bad (and worst ever) flood that destroyed so much and rebuilding and restoration is still going on in places. Very sad what it did. And cost millions to repair roads and infrastructure. Anyway, enjoy FF, and the stories. It was fun.

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    1. Notwithstanding “boggarts,” this is why children (& not necessarily our own) are often are our best teachers. They have a way of doing just that. (Thanks, Magaly, for the comment.)

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