Prayer for Ellen

Before You I fall, the blood of the slain Lamb
Like rubies lit across the spilt years,
Dispersing hungry darkness, preying fears
Dismayed faith, that my prayers in ceaseless
Torrent may wash through unbelief and doubt
And the inane repetitions of old words
Earth-bound and worn, ill-used in faith, weary
But that fright has flung them on my tongue
Again to plead mercied miracle for a friend.

That You who saw by the angel-driven pool
The man bound by sickness and bid him seize
Pallet and walk crowned with Sabbath joy
Rebuke infected flesh, rebirth new life,
New vigor borne through pain till pain
Be banished for health regained in battle
By Your strong hand, Your word, Your Spirit
That breathes, O God, Your unutterable love.

Father, by Spirit-born faith I pray,
Where surgeon’s eyes do not see, do You see;
Where hands fumble, do You rescue;
Where confusion reigns, do You shed light;
Where hearts still in fear, do You cradle with peace;
That songs of deliverance will rise in joy this day
To surround Your Throne of Grace
Where Your Son sits
With rubied jewels of love.

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