“The Mechanical Dragon”


Wallie’s Wentletrap blogger and author of “The Changeling” (Bards and Sages, April 2016) has another short story out, this time in Sword and Planet anthology Those who are familiar with her fiction will enjoy this Robert E. Howard-styled sci-fi fantasy  as much as I did. “The Mechanical Dragon” features high adventure on a planet where our heroine, determined to save her people, battles a mysterious monster and is forced to join forces with a rebel leader. I hope you’ll take advantage of Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature and take a peek at it!

You can also find her earlier work in Mystery Weekly Magazine and Ghostlight (Winter 2016) as well as The Donut Factory (Summer 2016). One of her poems, “The Ladder,” appears online in Boston Accent Lit  & another, “Crow’s Nest” in felanTwo of her stories (“Lara’s Tree” and “Rider in Black”) won prizes in the Bethlehem Writer’s Roundtable 2016 and can be read here.

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