Red Darkness

This picture was taken behind our home. The colors all stream together into a red pool breeding a kind of wanderlust, an unhealthy variety where you feel like you’re fleeing from all the demons of hell but really just taking them all with you, pursued, driven and tormented. Into such a dark night of the soul, home is the only cure, a place where you are rescued and kept safe. I pray that all who read this will find that home in Christ Jesus, who in His faithful love I have found to be the only sure refuge from such a rabid wanderlust of the mind and spirit.

When faith burns low
Hope lower still
Where do you go, my soul?
What refuge do you have, what home
Where you can ask for help?

Or do you wander though the night
To sanctuaries unknown
And bleak the restless heart finds
Where false promises reside
But empty prove too soon?

Do you cast your eye behind
Wonder where you lost your way
Berate the wind, the waves, the storm
That drove you to this strait
So curse yourself with bitterness and hate?

Then in the darkness red with pain
As fear and panic reign
Love clothed in light sweeps you close
Strong haven, healing wings,
And in this harbor you now rest
As hope takes flight again.

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