The Thirsty Drink

The thirsty drink from Thy waters
Which from Thy temple still flows
The waters of Thy glorious Spirit
That sweet faith in Thee bestows.

O may I drink forever deeply
Of this fount of love and life
Look to Thee when I am thirsty
For Thou alone can satisfy.

I recently heard the Scottish preacher and theologian Dr. Sinclair Ferguson’s sermon on John 7: 38 (posted on “The Thirsty Drink.” I’ve posted the link & some highlights from it here as it blessed me deeply with its insights into a familiar but enigmatic text. 

Psalm 63 expresses the natural longing of our soul for spiritual food that only our Lord and Maker can supply. One of my favorite musical adaptations is the following by Penny Rodriguez.

Desert Psalm                                                                  Penny Rodriguez

O God, thou art my God. Earnestly I seek thee,
My soul thirsts for thee, and my body longs for thee,
In a dry and weary land where there is no water.

O God, I want to want thee; Lord, I long to long for thee.
I thirst, O my God, to be made more thirsty still.
But so ofen my thoughts stray far from thee.
My wandering heart seeks treasures that fade beside thee.

~adapted from Psalm 63:1

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