Blood Truths

Christ Asleep during the Tempest Eugène Delacroix ca. 1853

I’ll go and they’ll draw blood today
They’ll ask me, “Which arm?”
And I’ll say, “If it’s okay,
My right. My left’s a charm
But won’t stretch all the way;”
They’ll nod and say to disarm
My nerves, “That’s quite okay.”

I’ll turn my head and try not to look
At the six vials they collect, the dark red
Tube, my life passing through, a brook
With a deer, Kingly, a prayer in my head,
My thoughts running, alone, not forsook,
The sting of death like a thorn that’s pierced,
A mortification of flesh, Adam’s rebuke.

Soon it’s over, finger pressed over a prick,
I’ll laugh at myself that I’d been scared stiff,
The results to come will be the blunt of the stick,
If stick it be or a welcome relief
A weekend to get through with no time-travel trick,
Up the mountain of trust and down into unbelief
Wondering why yet in my faith I’m so weak.

This, Lord, is the way it’s been in the past,
But today, to please You in Christ so much more
I’ll sleep in the boat, through the stormy blast
I’ll trust the outcome to You, sovereign Lord
I’ll rejoice in your will, even to the last
I’ll think of the Cross, Adam’s curse triumphed o’er,
And I’ll praise You and thank You for holding me fast.

11 thoughts on “Blood Truths

    1. Thanks for commenting, Jude. Moments of anxiety tend to be like that and I was trying to capture that in a specific situation but it can be applied broadly to all worry, of course. Because of His great love for us shown in Christ Jesus, our LORD has surely won the right to our trust.

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