You Were Four

Her father died on June 27, 2021 of covid.

You were four with a Daddy
when you laid out dancing colors
of pink, blue, green and purple

When you were four and a day
the colors went orange viral
of corona, corona everywhere

You sat half-hidden in shadow
your diamond father stolen from you
with black words like ICU

Now pink, blue, green and purple
have fled a world of frightening red
your mother widowed in white

And you are four and counting
looking back at days of gray
a rainbow shining over you: we pray

Reena at Xploration Challenge gives us an update on the four-year-old pictured above: “I came across a heart-wrenching picture of a drawing by a 4-year old, whose father [was] battling lung failure due to Covid in hospital. When asked what was it she had drawn, she said “Corona, Corona …. Everywhere Corona.” The entire family was infected, but all others have recovered…. She lost her father today. Her mother, whom I see as an exceptionally strong woman, fought till the end, staying afloat with her Buddhist beliefs and chanting “Nam myth renge Kyo.” It kept her going, if nothing else. She is totally deflated now, after the incident. She, who led a fatherless life (her father being a drug-addict), just uttered the words ‘My daughters will meet the same fate.'”

25 thoughts on “You Were Four

    1. Same. Seeing her hold up her picture reminded me of my children’s masterpieces at that age, but never drawn so unhappily, aware of a real threat. Joining you in prayer Jim. 🙏

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  1. It is a terrible thing to lose a parent young. Even more so when the child has no memories of the loved one – and none of the family will speak of them… – this happened to me.

    I feel for this child. May she have strong people around her so she can rejoice in life.

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    1. Jules,
      Thanks for sharing from your own experience. I can’t imagine what it must be like, even today, for you. Healing can’t come easily, but I pray it comes mercifully by God’s grace for this child and you. 💞💞

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    1. Mandy,
      I don’t think I’ll ever forget that photo: this season of suffering hasn’t even spared the youngest among us in so many ways. I’m following along with your Psalm 119 study and being blessed by it. Grace and peace to you and your family,

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    1. Ali,
      Thanks for taking the time to read & your kind comments. The pain of loss is all the keener when it’s a child’s, isn’t it? That picture just tore at my heart. 💔

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    1. Jimmy,
      Grateful for your concern, brother. I’ve been on a blog break, re-evaluating my blogging aims as well as devoting time to reading. Praying that our Lord will direct me to use my time, my writing for His glory. Praying too for you and your ministry on all counts. God bless and keep you and yours as you press on! 🙂

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