In Honor of Daniil Kharms

“Today I wrote nothing”

on Twitter

as people fell out of Windows

on Amazon’s Prime Day sale

like cats and dogs

and me heart-less

in the cell on Facebook


when the famine came

and the rations ran out

and the rats came in.

Writer Daniil Kharms (1905-1942) is one of Russia’s great absurdists, his black humor seemingly politically opaque, but troublesome enough to alert Soviet authorities who threw him in prison where he died forgotten by his jailers.

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49 thoughts on “In Honor of Daniil Kharms

    1. Björn,
      You made the connections I was shooting for, thank you so much. So good to touch base with dVerse again after a summer break.


  1. I has so many images that I like. The Facebook cell. People raining out of windows like cat’s and dogs. Chilling and thought provoking.
    Thanks for introducing me to Daniil Kharms, never heard of him before.

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  2. Masa

    Fun. I adore an opportunity to read modern absurdist work, and I found the modern allusions nicely grounded for what I originally expected. Excellent subversion of the prompt.

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    1. Lisa,
      You’re welcome. He’s like a shorthand Kafka. Something about his tales – circumlocutive & nonsensical though they seem – strikes a chord in these troubled times, when speech can be suppressed, people “cancelled.”

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  3. This is great, Dora!
    “Fell out of Windows”… Wow. What a great ‘play’ on words.
    I write nothing on Twitter every single day. That platform is insane.
    On Facebook, I have an extremely small collection of ‘friends’ because ‘sheep’ are everywhere.

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  4. So chilling and haunting, Dora. I’d invite the rats in at this point. We are beyond doomed as society; humanity, however? That remains to be seen. I’m reaching for the optimistic view that we can change, but who knows.

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    1. Dwight,
      Has there been any time in the history of the world, or America, for that matter, when we haven’t had political prisoners? Now more than ever, I expect, since the internet has made surveillance and censorship easier.


    1. Tricia,
      Funny how history repeats itself. I’m sure Kharms felt absurdism was a way of eluding the censors until he was finally “disappeared.” Now we have the Babylon Bee, whose absurdism rings just as true, if not poetically.

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    2. I’ve actually heard we will have a “technocracy” controlled by elite technocrats. With people like Gates and Zuckerberg having so much power I think it could be true. They need to be reigned in!

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