Mothers Have Always Wandered and Searched

Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels

Mothers have always
wandered and searched
still as gravestones
in blood-soaked cities and fields
for their daughters, their sons.

It concerns them not
when lies unravel, whether
thugs come in uniforms or turbans
by force of law and terror
masking regime bureaucrats and zealots.

Ten people, including seven children, were killed by a U. S. drone strike on Sunday. “At first I thought it was the Taliban,” one survivor said. “But the Americans themselves did it.”1 Thirteen U. S. Marine Corps, Army & Navy service members were killed in Kabul’s suicide bombing last week.2 Their average age was 22. That same day, August 26th, in Chicago, a security guard shot a man three times for not wearing a mask3.

17 thoughts on “Mothers Have Always Wandered and Searched

    1. Thanks for caring about us here. It is scary to think about it…so I don’t anymore. I just trust that things will be ok in the end.

      Was that poem written by you? Because it is amazing!

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    2. These are tough times no doubt about it. So glad to have your beautiful photography show up on my reader, they always draw a smile. The poem is mine. Glad you liked it! 😉

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    1. love does indeed die and here is why cos it is to day. four kindsa love. sorry to disagree but i hope you can see life and love and such great grand mysteries!


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