For Julie

Don’t fall away
Turn from lies
With Jesus stay

Embattled, your nerves fray
Deceiving half-truth with faith vies:
Caboodles of falsehoods the serpent will say

Peace bereft, you say you can’t pray
All night in darkness your hope dies
Thinking you’re lost forever to Day

Call to Christ though skies seem gray
Your guilt he knows, hears your cries
Hung on a cross, your sins to pay

Your enemy slay!
Resist, despise!
Don’t fall away
With Jesus stay

Rhyme scheme: aba,aba, aba, aba, abaa in semi-villanelle fashion 
Sammi's WWP #229: "caboodle" in exactly 78 words
Eugi's Weekly Prompt: "Peace"

Image credit: cocoparisienne from Pixabay

37 thoughts on “For Julie

      1. I would be happy to pray, especially that Jehovah Raphah would evict the sickness and bring newfound faith in Him. Incidentally, Raphah, meaning “to heal” is a Hebrew verb. Let us look for action!

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    1. So sweet of you, Mandy. 💖 I don’t feel at all poetic and messed up quite a bit with the form but your encouraging words reassure me that at least I got my sentiments across. My friend Julie has been tried recently with long sickness and the death of her husband, now enduring spiritual attack. Would covet your prayers for her.

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