An (Un)Earthened Riddle

I watched you go,
the empty sleeve of your coat
brushing my cheek long before
the final goodbye

on riddling ground
east of Eden, west of the moon,
where dead roam among the living
as infernal winds sweep through
like furies spitting over our destinies

in the wasteland where visions die
where banshees howl, half-formed men bay
round fires of Cain’s wandering offspring;
yet the eternal revelation, tri-folded,
goes forth to the hungry and the poor in spirit

on ground riddled with the treacherous dust of history,
walking as quickened ones, lilies of the field,
dandelions harboring the unsearchable riches of Christ
showing forth the unassailable purpose of God

as dumb to the world’s riddles, we carry on,
spinning out of bereft arms into shrouds
or across canyons of a diseased mind
losing each other to time’s grasp, till time stops,
and we, with joy unspeakable, walk on new ground.

Ingrid at dVerse's "Poetics: From a place of pain" asks us to "try your hand at writing your way out of a place of pain" which I have done combining fragments of poems from the past. Join us by clicking on Mr. Linky.

33 thoughts on “An (Un)Earthened Riddle

  1. This is incredibly beautiful, Dora! Your imagery is stunning, from

    ‘the wasteland where visions die
    where banshees howl, half-formed men bay
    round fires of Cain’s wandering offspring

    to the promise of new life at the end of it all: it’s quite a journey, and really does lead to a place of healing ❤️

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  2. sanaarizvi

    My goodness this is absolutely stunning in its imagery and depth! I especially like; “in the wasteland where visions die where banshees howl, half-formed men bay round fires of Cain’s wandering offspring.”💝

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  3. The thing about wounding is the wondering — riddling mysteries in a dark that knows no physic. They stay wounds unless there is a healing grace. Maybe it can be found in this life, maybe it’s reserved for eternity — or somewhere between. Here’s to the rebirth!

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  4. Wow, Dora. This is really profound in how you followed the prompt in writing out from a place of pain. This world is full of dead visions, wanderings and futility. I am thankful for those who are in Christ there will be a day of joy walking on new ground. While I praise God there will be a day that knows no more pain for believers, how VERY tragic that for many this earth is a practice ground for the suffering and torment in hell for souls who don’t know Christ. Dora, you have brought renewed focus that for many they will not see an end to pain, they will not come out of it but will know it even more. May the Lord bless you and keep you today, filling you with the peace of His Presence.

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    1. For your loving prayer and insights, thank you, Mandy. We are all bound on a quest, whether we acknowledge it or not, and it leads to life or death. May we “hunger and thirst” for the kingdom of God that is from everlasting to everlasting, as indeed your heart does, praise God! ❤️🥰

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