Judgment Day

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Genre: Realism
Word Count: 100

Narrator: dorahak Background: Arctic White Noise and Wind (link)

Judgment Day

Cur Deus homo.* Why? Blindly, we sail past the pinnacle of what we could be.

The cruise ship Earth is all fun and games. Whether the fun intended causes others misery or not isn’t part of the equation. The equation only includes playing gods, every individual for himself, the rich richer, the poor poorer because they were losers. Losers become slaves because that’s how the game is played.

Like the pharaohs of old, we will take the living into hell with us.

Out across the ice, I see Frankenstein chasing his monster. And the worm turns.

Judgment Day.

*Cur Deus Homo (Latin for “Why a God Human?”), usually translated Why God Became a Man, is a book written by Anselm of Canterbury in the period of 1094–1098. In this work he proposes the satisfaction view of the atonement.

In its preface, Anselm gives his reason for writing the book:

I have been often and most earnestly requested by many, both personally and by letter, that I would hand down in writing the proofs of a certain doctrine of our faith, which I am accustomed to give to inquirers; for they say that these proofs gratify them, and are considered sufficient. This they ask, not for the sake of attaining to faith by means of reason, but that they may be gladdened by understanding and meditating on those things which they believe; and that, as far as possible, they may be always ready to convince any one who demands of them a reason of that hope which is in us.

Preface to Cur Deus Homo, transl. Sidney Dean in St. Anselm
The beginning of the Cur Homo‘s prologue, from a 12th-century manuscript held at Lambeth Palace

35 thoughts on “Judgment Day

  1. Nice warning in your story about the judgment day that awaits those who sail past the pinnacle of what they could be.

    I also liked the quote from St. Anselm noting that the reasons he gave for his proofs were “not for the sake of attaining to faith by means of reason”. They were sufficient for those who already believed.

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    1. Our culture sure has relaxed itself into that mindset, hasn’t it? The blind leading the blind. Thank you for your encouraging words, Pat. As always. ✝️💞💜💞💜


    1. Thank you so much, dear Mandy. The tendency is to play at being god with our own lives and others, becoming/creating monsters rather than living up to the image of God in all of us. There is a Judgment day. I think we all by common grace instinctively know that.

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    1. Dear Rochelle,

      You put your finger right on it. There’s no reason to look for great “signs .” Thanks so much for your encouraging comments. Have a good weekend! 😘❤️

      Shalom uv’racha,


    1. As a world we are wounded by the Fall, and we distract ourselves from our wound even to death and inevitable judgment, ignoring the only One who can heal us “by His wounds.” Thank you for reading, Jimmy.

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  2. You capture a lot in this story. You show clearly the way in which original sin is both personal and built into society. Do you not think, though, that we Christians are called by God to help in the redemption of the world by our participation in the church, the Body of Christ in the present day?

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    1. I like your perceptive reading, Penny, despite my packing in so much. I too believe that the church is called to be salt and light, pointing to the One who offers redemption to all through the Cross. But Christ Jesus warns us of the coming Day of Judgment, and this story is intended as a warning in that same vein.

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