I took a tree for a chapel

Thank you, Bjorn, for your fearless leadership of dVerse and your unflagging encouragement to those of us who gather at the dVerse pub from this most appreciative admirer of your poetry. Here’s to you and the ancient librarian! Cheers!

I took a tree for a chapel
I took a bird for a priest
I ate a heart out of ginger root
Its enflamed sighs my prayers

Out of my back a tree grew one day
Sparrows fluttered in my blind branches
Until feather-gorged down a smooth-skinned maw
One soundlessly disappeared

Out of my ginger-rooted chest
A giant water bug starving crawled
To pierce into liquefaction
A spring peeper, sun-warmed frog.

I dreamt there was no heaven
I dreamt there was no rest

No sunsets that spoke of design
No kindness that spoke the divine

I fancied stardust my homeland
And entropy was my life

In the scheme of all that’s unholy
This is what I wrote

“Everything is fine”

Lillian at dVerse asks us to "write a poem that includes one line and one line only, from the lyrics of ABBA’s Dancing Queen. The line must be word for word." I chose to use the line, "Everything is fine." Click on Mr. Linky and join us!
photo ©dorahak

30 thoughts on “I took a tree for a chapel

    1. I’ve oftentimes felt the same way, although walking into a Gothic cathedral or a Cistercian monastery moves me with our own efforts with stone and chisel to imitate the great trees of the forest pointing skyward.


    2. Ain Starlingsson, forestbathing hermit

      Beautiful first lines, but of course the poem goes much further than that, and digs in deep. Powerful, yes, but also strong messages to go with the imagery. A really educative read about where one can go with poetry. Really appreciated.


    1. fireblossom32

      *tosses keyboard out the window* This is what I wish I had written. You had me at the opening stanza. To me, nature and spirituality are always intertwined. Here, you’ve gone a step further, either into the metaphorical or the hallucinatory, depending on the reader. That ending falls heavy as an anvil.

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  1. sanaarizvi

    This one drew a deep sigh out of me .. incredibly beautiful in its imagery and depth. I especially love; “I ate a heart out of ginger root/Its enflamed sighs my prayers.”💝💝


    1. Ginger root: sometimes freshly cut ginger tea helps ease my pain, cutting down on the inflammation (“enflamed sighs”). It’s an old remedy. Of course it’s a natural ingredient in all kinds of curries. I’m severely limited in the foods I can eat these days. sigh!

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  2. Wonderful and intense Dora. Your images go from light to dark. The creepy beetle was an interesting image that I could not figure out. Your ending reminds me of our response when people ask us how we are doing!


    1. LOL, you really don’t want to know, but there are giant water bugs that suck dry the innards of a live frog, and as you watch you can see it deflate like an empty sack of skin. A shocking cruelty.

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  3. “I dreamt there was no heaven
    I dreamt there was no rest
    No sunsets that spoke of design
    No kindness that spoke the divine”
    Wow…a nightmare indeed. Causes me to give thanks…where would I be if I could not find rest in the Lord!?!
    Thank you, my Sister!✝️🛐🙏❤


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