That’s So Random

He said I like to jazz the sky
Sometimes, you know
See me some hardcore Detroit
Drummer overdosing it
Like intensely
On proximal melodies
Ghosting me some romantic moonlight
Jigging up this wasteland
Taking an axe to all the quotidian brainiac
Entanglements of pigeon-freaking

She said Brick it up, man,
I’m not one of your ratty here-today-
Gone-tomorrow charm-school
Friends on anesthesia for the last stages
Of their latest art-appreciation-activism
Veering destitute of anything but ego-
Maniacal mimetic devolution into hedonistic

He said I want—
She said I want—

They said —you

And the woman on the bench said That’s a wrap.

You can blame this beat offering on the “absurdist” mood I’m in right now. But don’t leave out Shay’s Word Garden and her celebratory list of randomly chosen words from the first issue of the recently returned CREEM magazine, known for its irreverent presence on the music scene. The word list from which we are to pick at least three for use, is as follows:
anesthesia, axe, brainiac. brick, charm, Detroit, drummer, ghost, hardcore, intensely, jazz, overdose, pigeons, proximal, ratty, romantic, stages, transmissions, veering, wasteland. For more or less random poetry, check out dVerse’s OLN hosted by Björn.

21 thoughts on “That’s So Random

  1. Sherry Marr

    You have executed this impressive, original and very entertaining use of all the words so well I smiled all the way through. I thoroughly enjoyed this poem.


  2. Oh my! I love this, Dora! I stated snickering at “charm school friends” and by the time I finished the stanza I was rolling. Moreover, your ending is note-perfect. Boy howdy, what a hoot!


  3. Absurdist mood or not you always have a good grip on cadence in the words you use.

    And how perfect your sentence structure to reinforce your poetic ideas.
    Don’t understand it all, mind you, but I enjoyed being in the presence of your work. Stellar. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love your beat poetry! Perfect opening line and love these lines:

    “Friends on anesthesia for the last stages
    Of their latest art-appreciation-activism
    Veering destitute of anything but ego-” – ha ha! I relate to this!

    Then finishing with that last line which ties it all up nicely. Great write, Dora 🙂


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