The Blind Detective

On terra damnata,
the rind of a moon over
history’s purgatorial waste,

she traces the scarred earth,
the braille of ocotillo,
lizards, whinstone, curvature

of monoclines, a geologist
of cemeteries, cairns,
listening for hollow bells

marking Cain’s passage
towards nuclear holocaust
with soulless eyes.

Search and see if this does not ring of someone who’s lately been immersed in Dante and Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. It’s obvious Dante continues to influence the best of our contemporary writers, especially McCarthy, who critics have called America’s greatest contemporary novelist in a class with Hawthorne, Melville and Faulkner.

Image credit: Photography by Rosalind Solomon 
for Carrie's Sunday Muse; and Kim's dVerse 
Quadrille (exactly 44 words) prompt, "bells."

22 thoughts on “The Blind Detective

  1. My kind of quadrille, Dora, dark and haunting. I love the phrases ‘the rind of a moon’ and ‘a geologist of cemeteries, cairns’. There is such a powerful atmosphere of doom.


  2. Ay yi yi, girl. That is one gloomy scene. I wanted to write for Muse this past weekend but just had nothing. I was waiting for you to drive up and say, “Get in, loser, we’re going poetry-ing!”



    1. Heh. I need to stay away from the news which seems to be taking over my Muse lately with gloom and doom. But it’s like looking in the abyss, it’s hard to look away. So I’m waiting for you to go poetry-ing and take me to another world and a whole ‘nother level of genius. So get going!


    1. I didn’t know that – wonderful! Dante sounds like a proto-Protestant at times, at odds with the medieval Catholic church (he has more venal Popes and clerics in the Inferno than you can shake a stick at!), more aligned with Augustine in his theology than not including in the matter of election.

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