This Woman

Glow of Hope,” Sawlaram Haldankar (1946), watercolor

She slow walks the hope
that others tango away,
with that fermented sway
she blends like warm cashmere,
sari fragrant in folds full
to embrace high-strung husband
or the frightened chit at full-speed
running into a silken bungalow,
avatar of lighthouse flashing
“no amount of grave concern
not handled here,” and behold,
juggernauts vanish beneath her feet
of frangipani, ethereal gold.

Sammi's Day 6 of 13 Days of Samhain is "A Grave Concern" while Punam's dVerse prompts us to use four words of Indian origin. See if you can guess which!

35 thoughts on “This Woman

    1. Thank you Dwight. Glad you like that picture too! It’s one of the most famous in modern Indian art. The artist’s daughter was the model and apparently stood three hours in that position while he painted!

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