Autumn Revelry

images © dorahak

So I took a trip down Jack O’Lantern Lane
Where skeletons and ghosts were raising Cain
The crows they cawed
The mockingbirds squawked
And the treetops flared like a fire engine.

So I ran back home to ink an angry complaint
Against shuffling monsters that make one faint
But I tripped over boxes
Left by masquerade foxes
And I cursed like the dickens cuz a saint I ain’t.

So then I opened my eyes, took in the wide blue skies
And I laughed at the beauty that around me lies
The anthem of the trees
As they sang in the breeze
And I thanked the Lord with my heartfelt sighs.

As if by magic my anger disappeared and the doorbell rang
And I rose from my chair with a clatter and a bang
See, I had my nutty nurse costume on
A green glowing needle and a wig of blonde
I was going trick or treatin’ with my neighborhood gang.

What fun prompts I had to work with today! Sammi’s Day 8 (“As if by magic”) from yesterday and today’s Day 9 (“Jack O’Lantern Lane”); Cee’s FOTD; Dawn’s “Festival of Leaves 2022” Week Six; dVerse’s OLN; and Shay’s Word Garden List honoring poet, Susie Clevenger.

27 thoughts on “Autumn Revelry

  1. kaykuala

    Beautiful limericks Dora with the expected rhyming and the humor like all limericks should be. Great Ma’am, humor is difficult to come by but you did it!



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