It’s Halloween Night!

It’s Halloween night
alright, sit tight
the ghouls are out
don’t scream, don’t shout
what’s under your bed
it’s scary, but it’s dead
just crawled onto your hand
this terror I can’t stand
the witching hour’s here
and the night’s full of fear


Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels

For Day 13 ("The Witching Hour")of Sammi's 13 Days of Samhain and d'Verse's Quadrille (44 words exactly)

33 thoughts on “It’s Halloween Night!

  1. Eek! I spent the entire evening wrapped up in a novel called “Ghost Eaters.” I like to read something spooky on Halloween and this one was so good I could not put it down! Happy Halloween, Dora!



    1. Well I wish I could have snuck up & yelled “Boo, Pumpkinhead!” at a strategic moment! Now I’ve got to recommend this book to someone I know who is a big horror, I mean HORROR, fan. I take my scares in short stories. I still haven’t got over King’s “Different Seasons” collection and that was decades ago.

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