The Interview

“Can she pass the smell test?”
“I have a comma here and there I want to put in”
“I wouldn’t have put it that way”
“How many marches?”
“Did you sign it?”
“Were you silent?”
“Show us don’t tell us”
“If she’s one of us…”
“It’s the feelings I’m missing”
“I hear the words but….”
“I think she’s keying in”
“I need more pain people”
“There’s dissent and descent and de-sent and d’sent I’m sensing”
“I need her to up her game”
“She’s playing”
“She’s serious”
“She’s here and there”
“She’s got skin in the game”
“She’s committed…More than me?”
“How much does she want this?”
“Prove it! Prove it! Prove It To Me”
“Thank you for coming.”

For Carrie’s The Sunday Muse photo prompt

14 thoughts on “The Interview

  1. Mkay, I think that at this point in time we need to keep in mind the big picture, people, and the data-driven productivity projections that this business model will require from each of you mkay? So I’m gonna need you all to come in for a few hours on Sunday, mkay? Right. See you all bright and early. The company’s success is your success. And if you could all go ahead and work through lunch today that’d be great.

    –Supervisor, Pottersville Plastics

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