An Unexpected “Dahliance”


I’ll dally with Dahlias a while (I said)
So pretty they make me smile
I’ll think on the One whose paintbrush’s strokes
Designed so much eye-widening beauty for folks.

When suddenly a Dahlia, she spoke:
“Oh, don’t make me laugh, what a joke,
To think that these petals I unfurled to the sun
Were for any but the joy of my Maker alone.”

I frowned at this prima donna talk
And to answer her I didn’t balk:
“Please! What is it with you, did I step on your pride?
It’s hardly a crime saying your beauty can’t be denied!”

The Dahlia did a wiggle and a squirm
Or was it the wind or the worm
That crawled up her stem with a caterpillar’s tread
And munched happily at her white-tipped red head.

“Oh, save me, dear friend
Or it’ll be a dead end
For my petals to opine on my dear Master’s grace!”
So I flicked the little fellow off and let her save face

And the moral of the tale is that our joy in the Lord
Is meant to be shared and for that too let’s all thank our God!

Happy Sunday everyone!

For Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD) whose site features some of the most fabulous shots of dahlias you’ll ever see, click here and here. And join us!

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