This Long November Day

This long November day
unravels, filaments of self
unthreaded spin in disarray
seek a coalescing glance
from Thee, my soul’s desire.

This long November night
defeats, malingers yesterdays
that moon in shallow doorways
guilt-shadowed, hammering refrains
that only Thy voice can silence.

Hasten to send Thou, Oh Lord, Thy Word,
Thy Light by day, by night, my sight
unblind, my thought overspread, unroll
yard by yard Thy seeded spring
in frozen heart by Thy Spirit’s warmth.

And then shall November night become
as day, November day as night unfurled
in Thy blanketing love, and like a traveler
who spies a bridge o’er torrents harsh, I’ll race
to cross encircling time, and so abide in Thee.

24 thoughts on “This Long November Day

    1. The chill’s settling in here too and the darkness creeping in earlier. Definitely reflective of the poem’s mood. Can’t wait to get to your blog to see what’s cooking and warm up (theologically!) 🙂

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  1. This sounds rather like Hopkins to me, or a psalm. Myself, i take great comfort in the long nights this time of year, but I can see how it might have the opposite effect on many people. Seasons change, but please bear in mind that some things are constant. I’m talking, of course, about my readership of your blog, Dora. 😉



    1. And I’m all the more blessed for it, Shay. Thank you. The shorter days do affect me, and I’d like to say it’s all about high melanin count people needing more sunlight for their Vitamin D, but I won’t. Easy metaphor for spiritual malaise or yearning though.

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    1. I’ll take that compliment gladly, Len, his Dark Night of the Soul being among the most beautiful Christian poetry ever written. If ever a heart suffered and ached for his Lord ….

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