Advent Cry (based on Psalm 18)

I wept and You heard me
I cried out and You helped me
I knew no rest, only loss; to You
O LORD, I stretched my hands:

“I have no words
No pleas to offer
The wind is strong
My breath is gone

There is the desert
Where there’s no succor
Here is the sea
Where I will drown

Unless You come
To deliver
The world will take
The life you own.”

So I cried and in love You answered
You came down from Heaven’s splendor
Down, down, down as it was written,
Born of virgin, clothed in flesh.

From cords of death You unbound me
Shedding Your blood to release me
Nailed to a cross my guilt You bore for me
From the grave rising my life You saved.

Now I stand on solid ground
Upon the Rock You set me on
All the darkness flees before me
As with Your light I abound.

Like a deer upon Your holy mountain
New heights of glory I can see
Though rising waters still pursue me
Lord, my eyes are set on Thee.

Come, then, Jesus, as once before
You came Your children to deliver
Now return and never leave us
On that Day when all floods cease.

image credit: Gersom Clark

16 thoughts on “Advent Cry (based on Psalm 18)

  1. Hi Dora! Your poem is a beautiful blending of Psalm 18 with GOD’s saving grace in JESUS CHRIST! Beautifully connecting both David’s plight and ultra fast rescue with that of the Triune GOD’s salvation work and love for humankind. Thank you so much! GOD bless you and your family my friend!

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    1. Ah, it’s good to hear from you, Kent. Each time I see your graphic is a reminder of our unity in Christ Jesus. After I saw your verse for today, I started writing this. Thank you for setting before my eyes what I needed to see today. My friend, May you and your family be blessed this Advent season, and know His grace and peace in a special way in the coming year. Merry Christmas. 🎄

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