Christian Contentment

When, in a word, I write my
Contentment as a city
Founded by His Spirit
Whose boast is the cross

Whose streets are the Lord’s
Whose enterprises are the Lord’s
Whose possessions are the Lord’s
Whose provisions are the Lord’s

A city in which all is quieted in the Lord
All concerns are submitted to the Lord
All desires are centered in the Lord
All hopes are in the faithfulness of the Lord
All joy is found in the love of the Lord
All trust abounds in the goodness of the Lord

Then my soul glories in God my Savior alone
As enemies rail futilely against its walls
Fail to supplant the reign of the Lord
Every extremity under His sovereign control
Every lack a gain in grace upon grace
Every worry cast aside for the security of His promises
Every treasure in heaven stored from moth and rust and thieves

Then I am free to be satisfied in the Lord
Free to be satisfied with myself
Free to be part of the mystery
That is, Christ in me, the hope of glory.

19 thoughts on “Christian Contentment

  1. I have always thought it best to either be all in or to leave a thing alone, though what that thing is can be different to different people and in different situations. You are clearly all in! Rock on, Dora. (I always want to call you Dora the Explorer. You’re probably sick of that!)


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    1. People like to double my name to Shay-Shay because there is or was a local DJ called Shay-Shay in the Mid-Day. A lot of people at the post office where I worked used to call me Shay-Shay. I kind of dug it. 🙂

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    1. By extension, of course, it’s the soul’ “city” or contentment that’s at stake. Oh, to be able to sing “It is well with my soul” at all times and not “why are you cast down, my soul” when the city is under assault.

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