A Walk With You

When I walk down the street with you
it seems an avenue for the parvenu
who glitter and mime like bees round a cru
flush with cash, flush with dash, flush with boppity-boo.

I lean in, you lean out, you lean in, I lean out,
a flamenco we do, even a samba no doubt
while the white picket fences they shimmer and shout
“Oh look who! Oh look who!” like old aunties with gout.

And I’m so gorgeous and you’re larger than life
and if you’re honest, you’ll make me your wife;
but this world is so public and with catastrophes rife
its cerulean sky could change into a razor-sharp knife.

Would you stay with me, forever and a day
when the zinnias of summer turn a wintry gray?
When we walk beneath cottonwoods, will you turn and say,
“I’m glad you and I chose to go another way”?
Photo by Adam Bird

Shay's Word Garden List this week is assembled from Alicia Suskin Ostriker's poems. Called "America's most fiercely honest poet," her poetry can be found at the Poetry Foundation. 
The words I chose to use:
zinnias, cottonwoods, razor, public, catastrophe, bees, cerulean, flamenco, samba, gorgeous, mime
The photo at bottom is the prompt inspiration from Carrie's Sunday Muse #242

51 thoughts on “A Walk With You

  1. And who wants to be so public, like a frog? 😉 This is just an unexpected delight from start to finish, Dora, and extra kudos for rhyming “parvenu” and “cru”! I never thought I’d read a Dora poem with “boppity-boo” in it, but I’m glad that I just did! Wonderful.


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    1. Ah, you caught the allusion I couldn’t resist! And if I surprised you with “boppity-boo,” well, the stakes are officially raised and I must try again. 🙂 Thanks for the comments and the intro to a new poet in your post, Shay. Ostriker’s poetry is amazingly rich in scope.

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  2. I love how your poem quick-steps along so full of brimming positivity and sunshine. It really comes out in these lines which I love:

    “And I’m so gorgeous and you’re larger than life
    and if you’re honest, you’ll make me your wife”


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