Love in the Age of Social Media


Love in the Age of Social Media

“Show me your cards, the ones up your sleeve too, not just the jokers.”
She looks at me with her wide eyes, clear, open, beautiful.
“My soul for a follow, my salvation for a like, my heart for my face on screens screaming my name. Will you still have me?”
“The devil I will.”
She guts me with a sharp, hard smile. “The devil had me at the age of two, tik-tok, tik-tok, and now I only see myself in your desire.”
“And when I’m dead?”
“You’ll be my partner in solitaire,” and turning adds, “just hit the subscribe button.”

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20 thoughts on “Love in the Age of Social Media

  1. This is why I am not on social media! I really had concerns about starting a blog for these reasons. Everything is vanity and nothing new is under the sun. But how much more narcissistic and selfish we as a society are becoming. Love of self is prevailing and love for Christ is being unsubscribed and censored for hate speech. Love you and your writings, Dora. Thank you for sharing this!!!!!

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