Love in the Age of Social Media

The Scales Fall (A Faux Poirot Mystery)

The Sphinx and American Ivy

The Bell-ringer

From Black Ship to Ferry to Never Home Again

Journeying on Guryon

Note to a Vandal

Come Hell or High Water

The Interview

The Structure of Things

The (Other) Girl Next Door

The Light-Catcher’s Quest

Tales from the Beyond: Woodbury Piles No. 13

Judgment Day

Memory’s Brew

The Day of Visitation



Knowing Me, Knowing You


Waiting for Michaux-Perreaux

Humble Singh and the Giddy Widow: A Good Friday Story

nota bene

Death in a Teacup (A Detective Sven Mystery)

The Country House Murder (A Detective Sven mystery)

Humphrey Boggart

The Burlap Bag

The Goose Lake Murder (A Detective Sven mystery)

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

Elder Norbit’s Walk in the Park (second half)

Elder Norbit’s Walk in the Park (first half)

Don’t Mind If I Do

Still, Life

Lemuel and Qoheleth

Untinned Djinns: The Tale of Oomani