Christian Contentment (poem)

Dreams from a Pilgrimage (poem)

Prayer for the New Year (from a collection of prayers, Valley of Vision)

For and By: Christina on New Year’s Eve (poem, including one by C. Rossetti)

In Sheer Joy (poem)

Advent Cry (based on Psalm 18) (poem)

Stars and Snowflakes (poem)

Gaudete: Rejoice! (poem)

An Absent Parent on Advent Sunday (poem)

Prayer at Dawn (poem)

This Long November Day (poem)

An Advent Song (poem)

Dante’s Prayer (poem)

Tree By Night (poem)

Note to a Vandal (poem)

My Song (poem)

Opposites (poem)

Dante’s “Roundabout” to Beatrice (poem, a roundabout)

Christ’s Wine (poem in Mongolian Meter)

Hope (poem)

September’s Haibun

Expectant Hope (poem)

Love Ran Through His Island Heart (poem)

Dawn Worship (poem)

I wonder where the lost have gone (poem)

Gaudete Sunday: Light the Candle of Joy – “The Journey of the Magi” (poem)

The Necklace (poem)

The Second Sunday in Advent: Light the Candle of Peace – “The Sign of Peace” (poem)

What Child Is This? (a haibun)

Inheritance Imperishable (inspired by 1 Peter 1:1-9) (poem)

Break, break the splitting cataracts (poem)

The Move (poem)

Media Vita (poem)

A Tale of Two, and One (on Esther and the Syro-Phoenician woman)

Lilies of the Field (poem)

Gospel Truth (poem)

Journey (4) (poem)

Resurrection Light (poem)

An (Un)Earthened Riddle (poem)

The Makarios Life: The First Beatitude (Matthew 5:3)

For Julie (poem)

Autumn’s Curtain (poem)

Freedom (poem)

Journey (3) (poem)

Not Our Will, But Thy Will Be Done (poem)

Humility Makes No Room for Dignity

Outsider No More

Don’t Lose the Plot

Belief (6) (poem)

A Mother’s Joy (poem)

Job’s Wife (poem)

Stay Bright, Yellow (poem)

Easter Morn (haiku)

Belief (5) (poem)

Rebirth (poem)

What God Has Done (poem)

I Saw a Guillemot Fall Today (poem)

Last Year’s Snow (poem)

Recrudescence (poem)

Journey (2) (poem)

Leaves in Light (poem)

The Bright Field

October Fire (poem)

Unspoken Stretches (poem)

Blood Truths (poem)

Let All the Earth Give Thanks! (poems w/audio reading)

O Spirit of the Living God

The Devil in the Security System

Riddling Ground (poem w/audio reading)

The Waiting (poem)

A Sinner’s Plea (poem)

Lenten Days (poem)

Faith’s Furnace (poem)

Love and Fear in the Believer

Two Churches, Two Sermons

Remembering Easter (poem)
(On the Easter Sunday Bombings in Sri Lanka, 4/21/2019)

O Christian, In Whom Do You Trust?

Whom Do You Serve?

O Love That Came Down (poem)

The Way I Take (poem)

Cloud of Glory (poem)

Dark Times, Unwise Words, and Hope

Absent in the Spring

Awakened to a New Creation (excerpt from John Donne)

The Light That Passed and Lived Forever (reblogged)

The Road Home (poem)

Christmas Commons (poem)

The Thirsty Drink (poem)

Belief (4) (poem)

Plead For Me (poem)

Selah (2) (poem)

Red Darkness (poem)

Unforsaken (poem)

The Way and the Roadmap

Nectar (poem)

Prayer for Ellen (poem)

The Author, the Word (poem)

Sanctification Hurts, or When Lent is Life

The Two Witnesses, Olive Trees, and Lampstands

A Patient’s Prayer (poem)

Sursum Corda (poem)

Resurrection (poem)

We Are All Beggars

Romans 12 & the Sermon on the Mount

Walking on Water With You (poem)

The House of Mourning (poem)

Memo from MLJ: Christian, Talk to Yourself!

The Friend (poem)

The Need-Be Lamb (poem)

Belief (3)

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree (on a hymn)


Understanding Thanksgiving (with Absalom, Absalom!)

Bird, Poets, & Preachers

Belief (2) (poem)

Belief (1) (poem)

Sea of Galilee

Eastertide (poem)

On Time (with Milton’s poem)

Advent (poem)

Christian (haiku)

Selkies, Us All

Death’s Shadows (poem)

As the Bridegroom to His Chosen (on a hymn)

More than the Bread of Angels (on the hymn Panis Angelicus by Aquinas)

The Heat of the Summer (poem)

The Sea of Shalom (poem)

Maundy Thursday Prayer (poem)


Daily Life (poem)

Abraham’s Silence


The Lost Coin & the Znekb

The Two Witnesses


What Then Shall We Do?

Hallelujah at the Close of the Year (poem)


… and on Earth, SHALOM!

My Lord, my Brother’s Birthday

Peace on Earth (poem)

Out of the Depths, My Praise (poem)

Letter to You (poem)

Elder Norbit’s Walk in the Park, Pt. II, conclusion
(short story; illustrations courtesy Wallie’s Wentletrap)

Elder Norbit’s Walk in the Park, Pt. I (short story)

Fall Fest (poem)

The Siren Song of the Abyss


Death’s Demise (poem)

The Unbearable Incremental Lightness of Being (poem)

Lemuel & Qoheleth (short story)

My Name (poem)

David (poem)

Regrets, I’ve Had A Few (poem)

Wingless Phoenix at Wal-Mart (poem)

The Agony of  Weakness

Memo: Full Instructions Follow (poem)

At 5:30 A.M. (poem)

Not Good Works, But God’s Work!

Don’t Worry!

Fauré’s “En Prière” (In Prayer)

The Sacrifice (poem)

Pilgrim’s Dream (poem)

In the Morning When I Rise (poem)

Selah (1) (poem)

You Are Not Alone

Job’s Wife Speaks (poem)

Gingko’s Tale (poem)

Consider Jesus

When I Look at Your Heavens

Mountains of Spices

Only One Life, Eternal in Christ Jesus (an epigram in verse)

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