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Assemblies of Mobs (poem)

Apple-spent (A Compound Word Verse) (poem)

On the Rudbeckia hirta (poem)

Continuum (poem)

Writer’s Block: A Brown Study in Haibun (poem)

Sandy Foundations (A Zéjel) (poem)

Always in Season (poem)

Enter Stage Right: Cicindela (poem)

Mothers Have Always Wandered and Searched (poem)

In Honor of Daniil Kharms (poem)

A Better Life (poem)

Don’t Lose the Plot

You Were Four (poem)

Body Politic, or Intensive Care (poem)

Sightings (1) (poem)

A Rose To You (poem)

En Pointe (poem)

Seeing Christmas Light (poem)

Interior Dream (poem)

Reflections on an Un-Natural Decay

A Moon Drop Tear (poem w/audio reading)

Love Me, Love Me Not

A Diatribe Against Judgment (poem)

On Mother’s Day (poem)

Going for a Walk (poem)

View from a D.C. Mezzanine (poem)

Here We Go Round …. (poem)

Dickens Considered in Media Res (poem on reading Our Mutual Friend)

St. Patrick’s Day Blessing

The Country House Murder (A Detective Sven mystery)(poem)

Assemblies of Mobs (poem)

Praise the Lord, All Nations! (music)

Betrayed (poem)

Confessions in the Desert

The Burlap Bag (short story)

Love and Poesy

On Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! (poem)

Mary’s Loom in “Jesus of Nazareth”

Jane’s Holiday Poem (poem)

A Study in Scarlett & Tolstoy

Surface Tension (poem)

Of Two Evils, Choose Neither

You Overtake Me (poem)

Choice Mistakes (poem)

Rembrandt the Theologian

Jesus in the Day of Small Things

Where All Books Lead

The Muse (haiku)

I Like the Climate of Your Mind (poem)

Sitting Across from You (poem)

Christmas Remains (poem)

Hesed Love (poem)

Radiance (haiku)

Exorcising the Zombie (poem)

Porch-sitting on Wishes (poem on music)

The Remnant Who Are Free

Koinonia (poem)

Overheard: The Coffee and the Bible (a dialogue)

The Eternal Party: Dante’s Search (poem)

Elementary, my dear Watson, Elementary (quote)

Why Are You? (poem w/audio reading)

The Goose Lake Murder (A Detective Sven mystery) (poem)

The Enchanted Castle

On Entering a New Chapter (poem)

The Crow & I (poem)

Night Sky (haiku)

The Valley (poem)

Winter Scene (poem)

Where Are the Gargoyles of Yesteryear?

A Fond Rant (poem)

O Magnum Mysterium (music)

When Christmas Comes (haiku)

Tongue in Cheek

Roots Deep in Tells (poem)

When October Goes (poem)


Don’t Mind If I Do (flash fiction)

Still, Life (flash fiction)

Evening in the Room (poem)


Lamentation (tanka)

Death Rattle

Tongue in Cheek (poem)


Don’t Be Weary

A Passerby Reflects (poem)

Bertha, My Sidekick, My Sister, My Nobody (poem)


Of Doormats and Doorstops (poem)

Sixth Sense (poem)

The Church Eternal


Not Good Works, But God’s Work


Her Mother (poem)

Winter’s Wife (poem)


Sea Castles (poem)

Job’s Wife Speaks (poem)


Where are the Gargoyles of Yesteryear?

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