The Jolly Beggar

Here are some favorite posts from my sister blog, The Jolly Beggar, on which I post less often than I should. My original reason for beginning it was to use it only for posts in response to prompts.

The Sacrifice (A retelling of the story of Abraham and Isaac in verse)

The Prisoners (100-word story)

The False Counselor (100-word story)

Shadow-walking (50 words exactly, ekphrastic)

Your Pipe Tobacco (poem)

Poetry in Prayer (a shadorma poem on Christmas Day)

Love Stronger Than Death (100-word story)

The Smuggler of Rainbows (100-word story)

Deathbeds (144-word story)

Poetry in Prayer: Badger Hexastitch #2

Dragons Blue (poem)

Poetry in Prayer: Badger Hexastitch #1

Life in You (poem)

Poetry in Prayer: Elfchen #1

A Venn Diagram Play (100-word story)

Don’t Look At Me (poem)

The Adviser (100-word story)

Autumnal Severance (poem)

A-Souling (poem)

Wind Elf (A Compound Word Verse)

A Tale of Six on the Graveyard Shift

By Way Of Broken Twigs in a Dreaming Forest (A Found Poem)

Lady Lavender (poem)

Cereal Delirium (verse)

The Bus (100-word story)

No (Wo)Man’s Land (A Cadralor)

Autumn Leaves (haiku)

In Praise of Dostoevsky (a panegyric)

That Funky ’70’s Hit (poem)

Haiku Bouquet (Retro haiku)

Redbud Joy (poem)

A Common-Place Jotting: Corrie ten Boom (Common-Place or “Locus Communis” — a place to remember)

Dead Rights (a novelinee)

The Load (100-word story)

A Common-Place Jotting: Communion with God (on John Owen)

Stonecrop Joy

Now I Know (a “Solilo-Quoi?”)

Letter from the Past (100-word story)

Happiness (Tanka)

Afternoon Bobcats (100-word story)

River’s Bend (in honor of Hemingway)

It’s Nothing (Trimeric)

Fear (100-word story)

A Common-Place Jotting: “Lord, It Belongs Not To My Care” (on Richard Baxter)

Peony Shangri-La (92 words exactly)

Nature (tanka) (cicadas)

The Accidental Rose (144-word prosery)

Lightfoot’s Last Testament (100-word story)

Buggy Annals (100-word prose poem)

Our Joy in Beauty, Your Glory (poem)

Purple Pom-Poms (praise poem)

A Hare-of-a-Tale for #SixWordSaturday

Flower and Seed (Badger Hexastitch (2-4-6-6-4-2)

Ginkgo (2) (poem)

Hot Pursuit (100-word story)

Tanka: Ginkgo (1)

Pray for India

Jeeves Clairovoyant (100-word story)

More Arms to Reach You (verse)

Moon Dragon (Anapestic Tetrameter)

Doldrums of Diku (100-word story)

Poetics and Wang Wei (an interpretation)

Song in the Rain (39 words)

Kant, Kermit, and I (an expostualtion)

The Only Way (100-word story)

With Utmost Gravity (44-word verse)

The Ancient Warner (100-word story)

Movement in Squares (an ekphrastic)

Curtain Fall (100-word story)

The Old Man and the Sea (100 word story)

It’s Not a Mystery (for pup)

Waiting for Bordeaux (69 words)

Love’s Ballad (100-word story)

Rebirth (paradox in verse)

Melancholy (44 words)

The DaDa Vinci Code (100-word story)

Van Gogh’s Yellow (color persona)

Sanctuary Portal (144-word story)

A Rose to You (to my readers)

Once Upon A Time (verse inspired by setting)

Fallen (100-word story)

Poetic Justice (100-word story)

Miraculum ad Fontes (100-word poem)

Discovery (verse)

Dream Waves (44 words)

Spatial Encounter

The Disappearing Man (100-word story)

The Student and the Teacher: A Dialogue (100-word story)